” How can we maintain a product made of wood and epoxy? “

” How can we maintain a product made of wood and epoxy? “

Natural wood and modern epoxy resin, when combined, create magnificent and unique products. Furniture and decorative products made of wood and epoxy are wonderful pieces that combine the beauty of nature and modernity in our homes. In this article, we will share important tips on how to preserve a product made of wood and epoxy.

1. Sunlight : Avoid exposing your products made of epoxy, especially transparent epoxy, to direct sunlight. This will cause your product to turn yellowish over time.

2. Cleaning and Care: Cleaning and maintenance of products made of wood and epoxy is very important. Do not use any cleaning agents. You can clean with a damp cloth and then dry with a dry cloth. While doing this, take care not to scratch your product. You can use glass cleaner or vinegar water to clean fingerprints and stains on epoxy surfaces. In case of spillage while eating any food, take the rough of the spilled part and wipe it with a well damp cloth. Leave the oily parts that you cannot clean. The oil will be absorbed by the wood. Oil does not damage the wood.

3. Natural Wood Care: You can use natural wood oils to preserve the wood part. These products provide long-lasting use by nourishing and protecting the wooden surface. At the same time, it helps the wood to maintain its natural colour and shine.

4.Avoid Hot and Humid Environments: Products made of wood and epoxy should be protected from extremely hot and humid environments. Such environments can cause deformation and damage to the product. Especially epoxy resins can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Hot teapots, pans, pots, etc. Do not let these products directly touch your furniture.

5.Proper Handling and Installation: Be careful when transporting or assembling the product. It is especially important to get help and act carefully when transporting and assembling large and heavy products.

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